Classic Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Classic Cutaway

As the outdoor wood furnace that set the standard for quality and revolutionized the industry, the Classic is the perfect choice for heating your business, shop, barn and more.

  1. Simple Installation - The skid base framework makes installation easy with or without a cement foundation. Only the CL 7260 and Pallet Burner models require a slab foundation. Simply set the furnace in place, connect the piping and heat exchangers to your existing heating system, and the Classic is ready to go to work.
  2. Easy Loading - Loading wood is easy with the large insulated cast-iron firebox door. Ergonomically designed, the door is easy to open and close, and locks in the heat.
  3. Convenient Operation - The automatic draft control in the firebox door controls how the fire burns based on settings you select on the digital temperature controller.
  4. Burn Less Wood - A hallmark of Central Boiler furnaces for over 30 years, spray-on urethane is the ultimate airtight, waterproof insulation that locks the heat in to reduce wood usage, even at temperatures of -35°F or colder.
  5. Efficient Operation - The RippleTop® and HeatLock Baffle® increase the heat transfer area in the firebox and trap the heat and gases in the top of the firebox for the most complete combustion and heat extraction. The high-capacity water jacket provides a proven balance between firebox volume and water capacity for optimum performance and safety.
  6. Easy Inspection and Maintenance - Large firebox doors and an angled firebox base make ash removal easy and fast. The rear-exiting design of the chimney eliminates leaks and corrosion that through-the-roof designs can experience. The Classic's chimney is designed for easy inspection and reduces heat loss by over 50%.
  7. Durability and Reliability - Classic furnaces are manufactured with attention to detail. From a rectangular firebox that won't collapse like round fireboxes can, to overlapped steel siding, photo electric controlled night light and high-quality coated fasteners, every component must meet the highest standards...ours.